Rustic concrete wall to custom size

We wanted a raw, rustic wall in the bathroom that even more spectular by  illuminated. As nature lover, I wanted to put on it from stone, then I realised that we can use CONCRETE! :D
We used to make a table with a strongly rustic surface, which was exhibited at Hungexpo in 2016.

There are many experiments behind it, by the time we have found the technique and material with which we can create a porous surface
to make, which in addition to being spectacular but durable enough to make even a piece of furniture out of it. The bathroom wall was made with this technique and the LED lighting behind the mirror is such a beautiful highlight
the structure of the rough concrete that we are very satisfied with the result.

It is usually a great success among our guests and we figured out that we will make available the rustic wall to everyone. We manufacture it to custom size, with possibility of mounting a mirror or lamp.

If you have any questions or would like such a unique wall, feel free to write to us!