About us


The MOHA design brand was established in 2013 in Budapest. The designer is Ádám Molnár, who graduated from the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, and was fortunate in getting to know concrete technology during his work. Later he started experimenting with the material himself.

Today, by using the most advanced industrial technologies, he produces the most exclusive products manufactured in Hungary in his small manufactory. The concrete they use is extremely strong and durable thanks to special additives. If needed it can be pitted and rustic, but also the finest surface.

Whether it's a home decoration, a small useful object or a jewel, all the products fit perfectly into the surroundings. Cold, static concrete is delivered in a friendly, tame form to people's everyday lives.

We have manufacturer's capacity to take orders for hundreds or thousands of items at once, we can even place a logo or text on the item or package.

During production, no waste is produced, and the remaining concrete is used for creating wine stoppers. Paper-based materials are used for packaging, and they are environmentally friendly.

They also implement unique ideas, but primarily expand and market their own product range on the local and international markets.