About us

The MOHA desgin brand was established in Budapest in 2013. Its founder is Ádám Molnár, who graduated from the Moholy-Nagy University of Arts as furniture designe, than he fall in love with concrete. After an enthusiastic experimental phase, he started to make his own products.

Today, they operate the brand together in a family manufactory in Szentendre with their partner Panka Bárdos, who is also an industrial artist. Their style is defined by Scandinavian, clear, understandable forms.

The concrete from which they work is extremely strong thanks to special additives. Its surface can be rustic if necessary, but it can also be mirror-smooth. The choice of colors is only limited by the customer's imagination.

In addition to the home furnishing and gift items and jewelry available on the website, they realize unique furniture, coverings, prizes, or any extreme idea. (Some of the unique works can be found under the blog tab.)

Their production capacity also serves larger orders. If required, a logo/text can be applied to the items or on their packaging.

Since they care about the environment, they pay attention to leaving as small an ecological footprint as possible. For example, webshop orders are mostly protected from delivery with used packaging materials.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact them at one of the listed contact details or visit them in their workshop in Szentendre so that you can discuss your ideas over a chat.